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Rose Hydrosol


This organic rose hydrosol comes to you in a 4oz glass bottle. Revered since ancient times as skin care, the rose petal is actually tridoshic (good for all skin/body types), and soothing and calming to the emotional heart. With a special affinity for the love and heart, it’s an excellent quick fix for those uncomfortable Pitta emotions of irritability, frustration, anger. Mist yourself at work, in the car wherever and whenever you need a calming refreshing hug of aroma. Highly recommended in skin care, it is much more hydrating than water and is a great step to mist before or after applying a skin care oil blend or a skin care balm.

Because oils and balms are occlusive and rosewater is hydrating, you want to hydrate first so you have something to be occlusive for. Shakti Glow facial serum also contains glycerin which is a humectant that helps attract moisture into the skin, so for any product with glycerin or honey, you especially need to dampen skin before or after with a high quality hydrosol so that the humectant can help your skin absorb the moisture/hydration at a deeper level.

A pure hydrosol (hydrolat), is the water byproduct of the H2O extraction of essential oils. So when an H2O rose essential oil is made, the steam condenses into rose hydrosol. This product does not contain any essential oil but has a unique true herbaceous rose petal scent.

Low waste/refills: if you are local, I am happy to refill your mister bottle for a discount. If you prefer a stainless steel mister for travel, please contact me at

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