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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old traditional medicine from India that is highly relevant in today’s fast paced world. The sister science of Yoga, Ayurveda focuses on the uniqueness of each individual and nourishing their 5 senses with daily self-care practices, food choices, and lifestyle routines to help de-stress and bring you back into a state of vitality and wellness. Particularly excellent at addressing digestive complaints, and chronic auto-immune disorders, Ayurveda meets you where you are with a short and long term wellness plan that may include easy practices to try at home as well as recommendations for receiving bodywork or massage from Sarah or another practitioner in Madison, Wis. and Fitchburg, Wis. See more information below or on the consultations page.

Where do I start?

A great first step is to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with Certified Ayurveda Practitioner Sarah Barasch. Sarah answers your questions and gives you an idea of whether you may prefer to start with a full Ayurvedic consultation or some type of bodywork. Another popular option is to book an Abhyanga oil massage or an Ayurvedic Facial Treatment for Beauty with Sarah at Perennial. Meet her in person at that appointment and discuss what other treatments or consultation options might fit your wellness goals.

What is an Abhyanga oil massage?

This traditional oil therapy calms the central nervous system and boosts immunity. Luxurious amounts of warm oil are gently applied to the entire body, calming the mind and toning the skin, lymph and blood. A blissful experience that relieves nervous exhaustion and promotes deeper sleep and a peaceful (sattvic) feeling. You become quite oily during an Abhyanga so bring an old scarf to cover your head and wear clothes that allow a little oil residue. Typically this takes 60 minutes, but a longer session may benefit you even more. Pleasant smelling oils cooked with medicinal herbs are chosen for your treatment after meeting you and assessing whether warming, cooling, strengthening or detoxing is the best fit for your body mind state. Your treatment ends with optional hot towels to steam and remove some of the oil applied.

What is an Ayurvedic health consultation?

Sarah Barasch sees clients as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner.* In a consultation with Sarah, expect a confidential, safe space to talk about your current emotional and physical state, your complete health history, and your daily routines and food/cooking habits. Sarah will provide recipes, lifestyle handouts, and other suggestions for enhancing your general feeling of well-being, improving your digestion, as well as healing your relationship with food/cooking, self-care, and routines.

The initial Ayurvedic consultation package includes 3 hours of contact time: a comprehensive two-hour Initial Consult which takes place in Madison, Wisconsin or Fitchburg, Wisconsin and a 60 minute Report of Ayurvedic Findings follow up visit to provide you with your complete wellness plan, analysis of your current state of imbalance (Vikruti) and estimation of your main body/mind type (Dosha Prakruti). Also included are essential oil recommendations, flower essence formulas, spice mix recipes, herbal suggestions, exercise and bodywork protocols, self-care and food habits to implement at home and other resources.

The complete Ayurvedic wellness package includes the above 3 hours of contact time plus two additional 60 minute follow-up visits at a discount if paid at the first appointment. At every visit you receive fun home practices to test and try with no pressure. Sarah meets you where you are on your wellness journey and there is no rush to do too many new things at once. You have full email support as you try out advice in your recipes and other handouts. Sarah’s true goal is to ignite your passion for Ayurveda and provide you with the Ayurveda education you need to adapt and change your Ayurvedic plan as your body, mind and environment changes over the years.

*Ayurvedic Practitioners are trained typically over the course of 2 years to design health and wellness plans and assist clients in balancing the digestive system, acute symptoms, and emotions with Ayurvedic methods. Always consult with your physician first; this is not medical advice.

What may happen during an Abhyanga or energy work session?

Both treatments typically last about 60 minutes, but shorter or longer sessions work well too. Abhyanga leaves you quite oily and is not unlike a traditional massage, so it is excellent for muscle pain, stress, dry skin and is especially soothing in cooler weather. Some Reiki and light energy work is also included in the Abhyanga.

In a 60 minute energy work session, you may remain clothed and Sarah will use light touch, essential oils, flower essences and herbal transdermal Ayurvedic creams to assist the healing process. Your hair and skin do not become oily in a Marma Therapy or energy work session. At these treatments, Sarah blends her traditional Ayurvedic Marma training with other subtle modalities she has studied: Reiki, GeoTran, Neurovascular Therapy, Harmonic Tools, Healing Touch, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to assist your higher self in healing to your comfort level.

Some traditions believe that symptoms of disease first start in the outer layers of the energy field (koshas) and that only later do they manifest in the physical body. Energy healing facilitates balancing these energetic disturbances before they manifest physically, but also relieves chronic pain, improves sleep quality and calms the mind. You may schedule an Abhyanga or Marma (energy work) session at Perennial in Fitchburg or use the form below for Sarah’s other locations in Madison and Jefferson.

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