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Daily Detox Tea


Daily Detox Tea improves digestion and skin health. Steep1 tsp per 8oz boiling water. Drink 1-3x/day. Coriander, fennel and cardamom are known as carminatives (herbs that dispel gas). Spearmint and rose add a pleasant flavor and calming quality. Spearmint is known for improving acne skin conditions, and in Ayurveda improving digestion reduces ama (toxins), which in turns makes all 7 layers of tissue function better and reduces symptoms like skin inflammation and acne. Drink daily for this purpose.

This tea is used during the Cap-City Cleanse. For that usage it cleanses along the urinary system and 24-32oz should be drunk per day.

organic/wildcrafted ingredients:
spearmint, coriander, fennel, rose petals, cardamom pods

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