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Balanced Moon Herbal Churna


This unique blend of ground whole herbs brings balance to female hormones at any age or stage of life. Musta, skullcap, and myrrh clear stagnation in the womb which relieves painful menstrual cramps, hormonal acne, PMS and bloating. Vitex, vidari kand, guduchi and burdock cool and calm perimenopause and menopause symptoms like hot flashes. Valerian calms muscle cramps and improves sleep quality. Take this formula two times per day for 2-6 months to see dramatic results over consistent use. Mix 1/2 tsp with warm water and 1T aloe vera juice and stir to suspend the whole herbal powder. Drink it quick like an herbal shot and take 2x daily. 1tsp total per day is a good long term dose for a 160lb woman. Take a little less or more depending on your weight.

Organic/ Wildcrafted ingredients:
vitex, guduchi, vidari kand, burdock, myrrh, musta, skullcap, dashmoola, rose, valerian, fennel

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