Finding a quick snack or breakfast is key for some people and many people some of the time. This is a no-bake recipe, which makes it quick to prepare. As you may know raw and cold food is considered hard to digest, so make sure your agni (digestive fire) is working properly.

You store these bars in the freezer after you slice and wrap them. Take one out and let it warm up to room temperature before you eat it. I find they last a few days in the fridge too. I pull one out of the freezer before I start my daily dinacharya. By the time I am dressed and ready to go, the bar is at room temp.

Oats make this slightly Kapha aggravating and the honey and chocolate make it a little heating for Pittas. For Kaphas, sub in quinoa flakes for the rolled oats. For those who need to cool off Pitta, use maple syrup instead of honey and omit the chocolate ingredients.

If you are addicted to Nutella, Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter is a healthier option lower in sugar.

1 c. organic almond butter (Justin’s brand or unsweetened)
½ c. Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter (optional for frosting)
1 cooked sweet potato (peeled & mashed)
5 c. rolled oats
½ c. coconut flakes
½ c. dried fruit/berries (rehydrate these in a little hot water if you have weak digestion)
¼ c. or more seeds and nut pieces (seeds to balance Kapha, larger nuts for Vata)
¼ c. chocolate chips (optional)
¼-½ c. organic natural cocoa powder to taste
½ c. honey or maple or syrup


Mix all the ingredients (except for chocolate hazelnut butter)
Press the mass into a baking sheet (the one that has a lip) or any kind of bake ware.
If using, spread the Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter on top
Put it in the freezer for a few hours
Cut into desired sizes, wrap each individual bar into saran wrap or wax paper, and put back in the freezer stored in an airtight ziplock bag.
Take one out when needed and let warm up to room temperature.
-For weaker digestions, you can toast the rolled oats lightly in a dry skillet to cook them before you begin. Just until oats/flakes turn color and smell fragrant.
-Soak the nuts for a day or two, rinse well, and then roast in the oven to make them more digestible.
-Note that this recipe is very flexible, so feel free to taste as you go and modify the ingredients.