Elderberry Syrup


Locally made in Wisconsin by Wild Mothering Botanicals, this traditional remedy for colds/flus/virus is a great daily preventative measure for the whole family.  Take a small dose daily to strengthen immunity during cold/flu season and take a normal dose several times per day if you are exposed or someone in your household is sick.

Organic/Wildcrafted Ingredients: filtered water, local raw honey, elderberries, ginger, ceylon cinnamon, clove

Adults: 1T/day or hourly for acute symptom usage
Children age 2 and up: 1tsp/day for prevention or 1 tsp 5x/day for acute symptoms
8oz glass bottle – must be kept in refrigerator, so this is pick up or porch delivery (Jefferson/Dane/Waukesha counties). Can’t send in the mail.

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